Friday, 11 September 2009

DD III @ Santa Pod, Sept. 6th

More photos:

DD III @ Santa Pod, Sept. 6th

More Photo's from DDIII

DD III @ Santa Pod, Sept. 6th

Some photos of the Rennwagens at the strip recently.... phot credits to Darren W.

DD II @ York Raceway, 30th & 31st August

Wheels up!!!!

Some pics from our recent trip up North... for more see

DD II @ York Raceway, 30th & 31st August

Some pics from our recent trip up North... for more see

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


VW Action/DD - Personal Bests and Broken Bits!

The weekend of the 5th & 6th of September saw the Rennwagens descend on Santa Pod raceway for the third UK Drag Day, hosted by VW Action. Among the runners was Jamie Palmer, Dave Wain, John Walklett, Kev Donlon, Steve Turnbull, Lisa Donlon and Mike Riley, along with a couple of club prospects eager to turn the required times and reach full club membership.

Saturday started well with Kev and Johnny both turning some blistering times, Kev being the first Rennwagen member into the 11's just pipping Johnny to the post. By the time the dust had settled, both John and Kev had run well into the 11's culminating in pb's of 11.4 for Kev and 11.6 for Johnny. It wasn't all good news for the guys though, as partway through a run Kev had an engine problem that has pretty much wiped out his motor and ended with an engine fire. John was a little more lucky, having only (?!) managed to break another race axle.

The carnage didn't end there though, as Steve Turnbull was doing really well, running a best of 16.8 in his 2028cc full weight caamper, before dropping a valve. Steve had just returned from a road trip to Devon in his bus with his family where the bus had performed faultlessly but had to make do with a tow home...

Jamie Palmer's Oval struggled with traction problems, and one or two mechanical issues (a slight oil leak and a carburettor that made a bid for freedom) but after numerous attempts and coming tantalisingly close to the aimed-for 'Twelve' with a 13-dead pass finally got the ticket he wanted turning the quarter in 12.8 @ 109 mph.

Dave Wain couldn't match previous best times, having to take it easy due to a loose oil cooler fitting, but still turning some quick 13 second quarters in the process.

Mike Riley had his gorgeous samba back out on the strip and ran a string of strong passes, but again, no new pb for Mike.

Lisa Donlon drove her 2276 early bay bus to the strip and back, but not before giving it a serious thrashing up the quarter and getting a new pb of 16.8.

Club prospects 'Stussy' Rich Moss and John Parton were both intent on running the times this weekend and I'm glad to say both were successful, JP managing a 14.8 out of his beautifully prepared Oval bug while still fighting one or two mechanical issues, and Rich with his hard-as-nails 2332cc '65 storming into the 13's running a best of 13.6. Welcome to the Rennwagens guys.

Well done to everyone who got their cars to the track and got new personal bests, and condolences to those who've traded running cars for piles of parts.

Pictures to follow.

R.I.P. Alison Hughes

Its with great sadness that we say goobye to our good friend Alison who lost her fight with terminal illness in the early hours of Sunday morning. Our thoughts are with husband Dave and the rest of her family. We will miss you immensely Al.

Friday, 4 September 2009


A couple of us headed up to York raceway at the weekend to put our cars through their paces. Due to a tow car problem in the end Stussy Rich couldn't make it to the track with his 65, which just left me with my turbo 54 and Poe with his turbo 64 heading up to race, but a few of the local lads Peach, Steve M, Kev D and Sue and Matt & Gaz Lawton headed up for moral support and cups of tea (thanks Steve!).Both Paul and myself are still shaking down our setups, in particular mine - which was still in lots of small pieces just days before the racing - being an unknown quantity. After some fun and games on day 1 where Paul & I traded wins against each other (culminating in a best of the day for me of 13.25 @ 107, and 13.3 @ 90 for Paul) we ended the day with some beers with the chaps from the Air Cooled Eliminators. Top day, and for me mission accomplished, having got the car to the track and successfully from one end to the other. The day wasn't entirely plain sailing though as I had an 'incident' mid track which saw me off the road and into the field... no harm done though, just my pride dented....

Day 2 started a bit cloudy with a wind that varied from tailwind to side wind, so we both took it easy. First pass of the day for me was a 13.6 and Paul was around the low 13's. Paul then went on to click off a couple of VERY good launches back to his old form, the bet of which saw him pulling wheelies in 1st AND 2nd gear and crossing the line in 12.14 seconds. I dropped my tyre pressures and played with launch rpm a little bit, still struggling with lots of wheel spin, but managed a new pb of 13.1 seconds @ 110 mph.To say I'm pleased with the results is an understatement - at those kinds of speeds with the right launch I'm easily into 12's so for this weekends fun at VW Action I'm strapping on some bigger tyres and we'll see what happens. If any of you lot are attending drop by to the pits & say hi!

I'll not bother updating the ET board because (drum roll), this weekend we're back off to the strip, this time for Drag Day III at Santa Pod raceway. With Kev and John gunning for those elusive 11 second quarter mile times, and me aiming to break into the 12's it doesn't seem worth the time spent modfying it this week!