Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bug Jam

Bug Jam was a great weekend for the Rennwagens, with a new pb set by John Walklett, a brilliant day tuning a new setup by Kev Donlon, and two qualifying ET times being run by club prospects.

John ran hard all weekend, and after being beaten to club no.1 spot by Kev Donlon pulled all the stops out to regain the top spot and ran a 12.07 @ 108 mph. Ah well Kev, you had it for a few hours at least!

Kev's new setup showed its potential with a number of blistering 12 second passes, culminating in a 12.19 @111 mph pass. A small engine fire put paid to further racing, but Kev assures me it was nothing serious and he'll be back out in no time.

Mike Riley didn't manage to equal his previous pb, but put in a number of string 16 second passes in his show standard Samba, running a best of 16.86.

Steve Turnbull had his quick Bay window out, but again didn't manage to equal his pb running a series of mid 17 second quarter mile passes - still very quick for a full weight camper!

Carl Whitehurst hit the strip for the first time in his red & black 1960 camper, managing a 17.25 second pass.

Lisa Donlon's lovely early Bay made its first trip up the strip too, managing a 17.42 second pass @77 mph. No Slouch!

Lisa and Carl have both been subsequently voted in to the club and are now full Rennwagen members. Well done!