Monday, 15 July 2013

Rennwagen's Prospect Gaz Thompsons Oval.

When Rennwagen members hear that Gaz Thompson has got him self a new car, theres a automatic sense of excitement and buzz about the club, as Gaz's reputation for high attention to detail, fit and finish is seconded to non, as all his previous cars have all shown, including his US spec 67 (thankfully still in the club, and a personal favourite of mine), 68 multiple show winning looker and non other than the ex DKP and Keith Seume car "Bluey".
Gaz's new car is no exception to the rule, its a 1957 (56 model) Oval built by GFK member Paul Smoot in California, as a 3 owner original paint and panels car. The spec is as follows

Full body off resto, painted in a custom mix based on Ruby red.
Genuine Fuch wheels - 4.5x15 front,deep 6x15 rears.
Disc brakes front and rear.
3'inch narrowed beam
Drop spindles.
Berg locking shifter.
Full interior retrim by Raul's auto trim California,German square weave carpet, new cloth headliner, powder coated seat frames/pedal assembly/steering column, batwing steering wheel and rear pop outs.

86mm Pauter Crank
Scat rods
Pauter cam
044 heads
Manley valves
Berg pump
Berg deep sump
Custom oil breather
48 ida's
Rancho box

With that impressive spec it comes at no surprise that this ovals a show winner, with a first in class at Bug-In 33, and a class win at the vw classic that very same year.

On that wave of success it was also Hot vw's cover car and featured,volksworld cover car and featured and finally featured in Street vw magazine of Japan!

Since then the rear ride height has been raised since those GFK days, to give it the stance of a hardcore looker, also jaycee ida air deflectors, jaycee decklid stand off, petronix coil, high power battery, new plugs.

Future plans include to fit the all important gauges, to keep an eye on that animal under the decklid, an external oil cooler and fan, to make those long journeys to the strip and back a little safer.

Gaz plans to finally to get him self on the Rennwagens ET board later this year, if not then possibly at the Rennwagens organised UK Cal-Look Drag Day early next year. So keep your eyes pealed for this awesome looker!

In its previous GFK Style

In Street Vw of Japan!

After some Rennwagens adjustments 

Beautiful custom Interior

Show and go!

The devil is in the detail.

This 2387cc Monster is sure to shake the Rennwagen ET board up a bit!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Rennwagens invade EBI 5!

 2 years ago Rennwagen members Jamie Palmer, Rich Moss and Steve Millward attended "European Bug In 4" (EBI) and returned with such stories of wonder and delight, that when this 2 yearly show came around again the rest of the Rennwagen's weren't going to miss out this time!

Attending this year would be Damo Tomes in his 2165cc powered 67 Top 20 Volksworld cover car, Cal-looker and Neil Payne in His 2276cc powered 1964 Cal-looker

 Mike Riley in his EFI 2332cc powered 1958 barn door samba, accompanied by Rich Battison, and John Walket in his 1776cc powered, 1967 split screen bus. 

Matt Lawton in his 2276cc powered 58 beetle Cal-looker accompanied by James "Peachey" Cornes.

All cars were driven the 1000mile round trip to the show and back! No trailer queens here!

Non of the Members raced at this years event, due to the weather conditions, but still had an awesome time nether the less.

The trip for Matt and Peach would start in Telford with seeing them spend Wednesday night in a hotel in Folkestone and getting the tunnel Thursday morning, arriving in Chimay that afternoon. 
 John, Mike and Rich travelled down to Dover on Wednesday night at 8pm after a last minute spark plug change for Mike before leaving Stoke-on-Trent. With the boys on the 8am boat a quick power nap was in order and then push on to Chimay!
Neil set off from Tamworth down to Folkestone on Thursday and stayed over night in a hotel. Then in the morning met up with Damo for th 6:30 train Friday morning. On the way they got stuck in heavy traffic going through Lille, the journey ended up taking them 5 hours to get from Calais to Chimay!

With the return trip having all the normal things, wrong turns, cursing at the sat nav, dodging pot holes and the insane french drivers the road trip went without a hitch for all members.

 Damo catching up on some much needed beauty sleep.

Neils awesome looker

Damo's de-chromed looker

Matt's Looker following the 13sec 1/4 fire bus

Mike grabbing a cream cake or two

Ron was extremely excited to finally meet the world famous "Peachey Cornes"