Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gaz's 68 takes best in class

A few of the Rennwagens took a trip out to VWNW at Tatton Park.
After some persuasion Gaz agreed to take his stunning late looker out of the club display and head over to the Cal Look Class in the concours and Surprise Surprise he picked up BEST IN CLASS!!!!!!!
Congrats and we cant wait to see you drive this thing hard in a few weeks at VWaction

Monday, 8 August 2011

few pics from Big Bang

Big bang pics are up on julian hunts website.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lazy Sunday the pics

Some of the guys
ying and yang photo
Rich's 2210 61 split
John's 63 and Dave's 66
Kyle's Late Looker
Rob's soon to be 1835 turbo
Sako's 2276 mexi looker
Phil's 912 in the line up
Just some of the club cars

Sunday 31st July 2010 VWAction Lazy Sunday

On Sunday, the Rennwagens headed out to put on a club display at VWAction Lazy Sunday, which represented VWAction's welcome return to Uttoxeter Racecourse, having last ventured up north to celebrate their 30th birthday party in 2005, followed by the VW Action ‘Summer Party’ in 2006, so it’s been a while.

Of course, the Rennwagen's were always going to come out and support a great show right on its doorstep and so submitted into the club display a 10strong field of Hot VW's consisting of

1. Steve's 61
2. Gaz's 68
3. John's 90
4. Peach's 66
5. Jamie's 60
6. Richie's 65
7. Dave's 66
8. Phil's 912
9. Rich's 2110 split '60
10. John's 63

In addition, Matt submitted his Ghia into the show and shine picking up a top 10 for his efforts "well done Matt", Andy cruised up in his sweet looking T25, Rob Locker, in his red Rag which is soon to boast a Jon Walklett built 1835 turbo and his brother Kyle in his cool Fontana Grey late looker on rep. Gas Burners and finally Paul brought his hard as nails bay. In addition to the cars, Rennwagen members, prospects, and friends of the club and respective families were out in force to enjoy a drink, a chat and the fantastic summer weather. Local Air-cooled VWspecialist and friends to the Club Kraftwerk were also in attendance with a trade stand.

At 2pm the Rennwagens created a wall of noise with a mass fire up of the mota's, a huge gathering of people congregated around the business end of the display to witness the awesome sound, many people declaring it their personal highlight of the show. Unfortunately, anyone with experience of race cars will know if you own one you have to expect breakages, the fact of the matter is this can occur when in motion or when stationary as in the case of Jamie Palmer's 60 Turbo racer, who unfortunately blew his motor during the display. The postmortem has yet to be carried out, but Jamie remains as positive as ever - which is why he remains the backbone of this club.

To top a great day off, the club picked up VWAction Lazy Sunday's best Club Display, and no doubt we'll be back next year to defend our title.


From left to right - Richie Moss, Steve Milward and Jamie Palmer.



European Bug in

Its been a while now since a few members of the Rennwagens packed up their cars and gear and headed out to Belgium for the fourth European Bug In.

Where to start?!

Rennwagen members in attendance at the weekend were Steve Milward, Richie Moss, Jamie Palmer and Kev Donlon. Also in attendance was club prospects Matt Webb and Matt Lawton, helping out with Phil Jarvis' amazingly quick 'Fire Bus' Split Screen Type 2. As Kev was taking EBI in as part of a larger holiday, and also because his car's rebuild is still not quite finished he was in attendance in his T4 Multivan - the perfect way to cruise the Belgian countryside.

Not so for Steve, Rich and Jamie though, as they loaded up their cars onto trailers and dragged them across the channel to give them a damn good spanking up the now famous quarter mile sprint track at Chimay.

Heading out on Wednesday evening for a ferry over from Dover in the wee hours of Thursday morning meant that there was still a pretty good choice of spots within the pits, and by Thursday lunch time the Cars were unloaded, Tents put up and the Rennwagens pit area already busy with preparations for the track.

Following scrutineering the cars headed out for the first passes of the weekend on Friday morning. Steve's full street bug was first out and Steve started the weekend with a 13.9 but immediately started having issues with his clutch. Richie's bug - fresh from an intense diet - immediately seemed quicker out of the traps and on Friday saw a run of 12.8 while still getting used to the surface and grip levels. Jamie's bug too seemed to be running much better this time out, and after a tentative first run out was pleased with a 14.2 shakedown run. First runs under the belt, the decision was taken to park the cars and enjoy some of the ambiance of the show, and following a couple of hours in the company of the local Belgian Beer and a BBQ we headed out to see what other cars were around about in the pits.

The quality and quantity of cars on show was jaw dropping.... around every corner was either a full on cal looker, a Gasser survivor from the 70's or full turbo race cars. It was truly astounding!

The Saturday saw a return to the track, with Steve running 14.2, Richie dipping to a 12.64 and Jamie getting back into the twelves with a 12.8 run. Things started getting competitive (as always) and Saturday night saw more Belgian Beer swilled and another good round of bench racing before a wander around the music tent and through the camping fields checking out the cars.

After Saturdays Bench Racing, Richie and Jamie lined up for a run against each other and from the off it appeared both were moving quite a bit quicker than previous runs. The intense rivalry resulted in new pb's for both, Richie with an amazing 12.3 in his naturally aspirated car, with Jamie trailing behind with a 12.6 in his turbo bug. Steve was back out on track, keen as ever, but his earlier clutch problems seemed to be getting gradually worse and it was pretty obvious from the smell and his timing slips gradually tailing off that his clutch was toast....

So the Rennwagens headed home, after what has gone down for many as the best show they have ever attended... If you weren't there, start planning now for EBI 5 in 2013... it should be a blast!!!!