Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Rob & Kyle Locker's project Bugs.

Rob's red 64 is a new arrival having been bought last weekend. Its currently pretty much stock, but Rob is already on the path to a cal looker having bought a set of 4.5 & 5.5 BRM replica wheels and a genuine Hurst shifter (being molested by Lee in the photos above). The car needs a small amount of work but Rob is hoping to have it on the road ready for Bug Jam.
Kyle's bug is a low mileage (37k) late model in chinchilla grey. The car has had new heater channels installed by Lee at Kraftwerk, but done in such a way to retain as much of the good original channels as possible, as they'd rusted on the running board face and the closing plate, but viewed from inside the car are mint with beautiful factory paint in great condition. Kyle's plans include a cal look stance and a set of Gas Burners.
Jaylo Lovatt was also on hand to provide a much needed power stance for the above pictures. He's currently hunting for 1x 65-67 slotted wide 5 wheel to get his cool anthracite small window bug rolling again.
Hopefully the Renn-Wagens can pursuade them all into parting with their hard earned for some hi po motors so they can join in the fun soon! In the meantime though, they'll be happy cruising the streets in two very cool cars. Can't wait to see them on the road guys! And a big thanks to Rob for the hang over I am enduring today! Cuban Rum all the way baby...

From one extreme to another....

Spectacularly NOT detailed engine has been dragged from a garden to be used for spares. It might have a good dissy drive on it if nothing else! One for the rat look brigade I think...

Friday, 23 May 2008

Check out the awesome detailing on this pan!

Sorry to say I don't know who the builder is, or in which country the car is being built, but I stumbled across pictures of a floorpan mid build up. Check out the custom pans and the general level of detail! Out of this world...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Underdog

As mentioned a few days ago, Russell Ritchie is building an authentic replica of the Underdog race car. The paintwork has just been completed, and here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Goodbye 64!

My beloved 64 bug saold a couple of weekends ago. Its taken me this long to come to terms with posting about it! I really miss the bug already and know I'll regret selling this one forever. Ah well, as long as I can go out for a blast in the Oval... ah, hang on, no. I siezed the engine at the weekend! Not good San Diego! Time for a beer...

Kraftwerk raised a front end!

Its true!!! To satisfy the local MOT inspector, and following an incident where Tom couldn't drive along a road that had a bit too much of a hump in the middle Kraftwerk raised the front end of the bug up from stupid low, to just plain old silly low. Car still sits sweetly, and Tom's bug got the magic MOT ticket too. Cool!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Club ET's

A club ET table has been posted as an image on the sidebar - take a look! John Walklett & Paul Beardmore are currently way out front with well over a second seperating them from their nearest competition. Watch for Gaz Thompson's ET's to tumble following the installation of his new stroker motor this season. Meanwhile Dave, Donge and I will all be hunting for a 13 second quarter to try to close the gap on John & Paul over the coming months. Meanwhile the two Type 2's on the board will be looking to improve on their times, Kev aiming for a low 14 with his turbo when fully dialled in. With at least another five cars which should be capable of running qualifying SRW times currently being put together the list should also be expanding in the near future. Game on!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Jamie W's new wheels

Sweet Enki's will look cool on the 54!

Friday, 9 May 2008

The (in)famous Dyno Don!

A little tribute to Dyno Don, who I'm sure everyone has seen (or at the very least heard) at one VW event or another. Thanks for the pics Dyno! Don had me promise only to show his good side before using these pictures, hence the first picture - sorry ladies! The last picture is of the club decal of Dyno's club, Der Guteeneine. For more details on the club have a browse through Keith Seumes awesome 'California Look VW' book. Oh and there's that chop top again, Keith Goss' Bug In winning bug, formerly owned by Keith Seume and now part of Russell Ritchies collection as seen in the pictures further down this page.

A few shots of Russell's garage

Yep, that's the Keith Goss built Bug In winning chop top you can see! The yellow bug is the now famous EBI race bug. Cool as.

$um Fun Gasser

Sum Fun, currently residing in Russel's collection.

The DDS Terra Soar

Another from Russells collection.

Gasser Heaven

Not exactly SRW club related, but damn cool all the same! Here are a few shots of some of the gassers that Russel Ritchie currently owns. Russells collection is awesome and keeps on growing... The original Tar Babe is currently undergoing resto, as is the DDS Terra Soar salt flats car. Also under construction is an authentic replica of the original Underdog car for which Russell has the original door and decklid. First up - Tar Babe!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

And to remind Chris what his 60 Standard looks like:

Also Chris has recently picked up a sweet Mallory tach with built in shift light. Looks good Chris! Chris' bug will be heading into the Kraftwerk workshops in the next couple of weeks to start the transformation into the cal look beast Chris is looking for.

More progress on Jamie W's 54.

More progress on Jamie W's 54.