Monday, 10 November 2008

Mark adds to the parts collection...

With these autometer guages, so he'll have plenty to keep him occupied between reading these and keeping his bug in a straight line on the strip!

Sam's bug

Recently completed, this bug sports the hot 1776 screamer that previously powered Gaz Thompsons 67 and propelled that car into the 15 second quarter mile time bracket. Sam hopes to be taking the car up the strip soon, so look out for a new member on the SAS Renn Wagens ET List soon. Car looks great Sam!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

More old show pictures

More old show pictures

4 gorgeous cars!

And more pictures from old shows

Dates unknown I'm afraid. Blue 914 used to belong to Gaz Lawton - in one of the pictures further down of my brothers old cal-looker you can just make out Gaz's early Squareback.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

For Sale

Mark Palmer (builder of 'Meltdown' turbo bug) has been in touch today to say he has a pair of Weber 44IDF carb's c/w manifolds & linkage to suit a Type 1 engine for sale. Price is £420 GBP, you can email Mark on

James' 66 Java Green Cal-Looker

James 'Peach' Cornes recently took over the stewardship of this fine looking 66 Bug and sent me some photo's today after fitting his new Berg shifter. Future plans include getting rid of the chequer board stickers on the sides, ditching the bumpers for T-Bars, and lastly, but most importantly, a killer motor to turn it into a true blue cal-looker and with any luck run the numbers to allow entry to the club.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Old Show Photo's

Ex-Keith Goss chop - owned by KS at the time of the photo, then the Cicerone's Fiat owned by Martin Taylor. Too cool! Not sure when these were taken but they are all Santa Pod.

Old show photo's

I think the first car is Nick Ball's 58 bug (built by the Paintbox IIRC), the next one down may be Paul Woodheads, but not sure (poss. Paul Bates orange bug in the background - any ideas whose the 'Volkstalgia bug is in the background? Mail me!)) and last but by no means least Ian Clark's WPS split.

Lee's cal-look bug.

While enjoying en evening of light refreshment with my bro Lee and his wife (thanks Liz!) we got to talking about old shows and his old cal-look bug, built around 10 or 11 years ago in its cal-look guise and used daily - well he broke out some old photographs of the car and some of the shows we attended together in it, including VW Action when it was located at (I think) Peterborough showground. Lee took home a trophy that weekend which made all the hard work on the bug worthwhile.

The bug was actually a 1970 1500 originally, owned by my dad many years ago then bought back by my brother in the early 1990's. After running it in primer, then as a java green resto cal, Lee rebuilt it in the cal look tradition, but giving it an early look with the early panels, a filled front fuel filler falp (with early tank under the bonnet) and also 1967 doors. Lee ran a 1776 JMR-built motor in it, which achieved quarter mile times into the 15 second area, which is good going for a daily driven go anywhere bug. The car was also featured in the now defunct @Total VW' magazine, shortly after Lee sold it.

Looking at these pictures really brings back some great memories!

Lee's old bug

Friday, 10 October 2008

If I could only win the lottery...

Lanny Husseys awesome Sepia Brown 67 cal-looker is available to buy and is just amazing. Clickie linkie to see the ad!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Dave Wain's box is now out,,,,

And the new one should be going in this weekend. Apparently the cooling fan was about to explode as well, so maybe the silver lining to the gearbox cloud is that he discovered this before it potentially damaged a lot of parts...

Mark's Meltdown - Engine Specs

the motor as mentioned will be a draw through and Mark already has most of the parts to complete the build up - next on the list is a gearbox which won't grenade the first time he runs it!
2276cc turbo
Marty Stagg Holley 650
Webcam 86b 112 deg duration
82mm 4340 chromoly crank
94mm Stroker Pistons and Barrels
CB H beam rods 5.5
T04B garrett turbo

Mark's Meltdown