Wednesday, 21 April 2010

James 'Peach' Cornes motor coming together

Peach has been gradually building up this ripper for some time now. The long block is based around a CB supplied aluminium race case and houses a forged 82mm stroke crank, H beam rods and a Webcam 86B camshaft. 94mm jugs & slugs hang out of the case, along with Manton pushrods supplied by fellow Rennwagen man Poe B. Topping off each side is a set of Steve Tims' excellent Stage 2 heads with 42 x 37.5 valves, and 1.4 rockers to suit the cam. The longblock was assemebled by yet another RW member, Johnny Walklett. Induction will be by means of twin 44IDF's, and the exhaust is taken care of by a full stainless speedshop system.

All of the above will be finding its way into James Coooool Java green '66 over the coming weeks.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

T shirts....

These high quality Tee's will make you extremely cool and irresistible to members of the opposite sex. The model wearing the shirt above was actually a skinny nerd until he put the t-shirt on, and look at him now - RIPPED!

They are £12.00 each plus postage or you can pick it up yourself, take your pick.

Email for ordering information - paypal accepted.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

First change to the club ET board this year...

And its fitting that its Richie Moss who's trading times, as he's already been out to the strip 3 times. Not bad given the harsh weather we've experienced so far Rich!

Richies car runs a 2332cc IDA'd motor through a stock ratio built gearbox. All times to date have been on plain old street tyres, but Rich has a set of slicks that he's going to strap on as soon as he's run into the 12's on treads. The car also sees regular use on the streets of Congleton and around Stoke on Trent.

Well done Rich!

Other club updates:

Kev Donlon, current ET board no.1 is progressing well with his engine rebuild following the disastrous end to his 2009 season. He's also been busy with an extremely nice VW T4 camper conversion, to make the nights in the pits crying over broken engine parts more bearable.

John Walklett has been working on his wife Vanessa's Ghia seen further down this page, a car which is sure to do well on the show circuit when completed. It shouldn't do to badly on the strip either!

Paul Beardmore will be tearing into a rebuild of the front end of his turbo'd bug in readiness for what will probably one of only a couple of outings for the car later this year at York, due to Pauls hectic work schedule this year.

My own 54 Oval was unfortunately sold late last year, but a 73 bug is currently undergoing restoration and will be receiving the same 2276 turbocharged motor that I ran last year.

John parton is working the minor gremlins out of his Oval bug in an effort to improve his already quick ET times from last season, even talking about changes to cams and compression ratios in search of more power. Go John!

Steve Milwards bug has been subject to some fairly major revisions over the off season, with new gearbox and ignition systems being the most noticeable amongst a whole raft of detail changes. Having driven the car both before and after this work I feel certain we'll see a great improvement in his times this season.

Steve Turnbull has finished spannering on the motor in his beautiful 69 Bay, having floated and bent his valves last year ending his season early. He'll be back out and on the strip at the upcoming 'Big Bang' show held at Santa Pod racestrip.

Karl Whitehurst's split is currently undergoing a fairly major makeover, currently being in bare metal! He assures me that when it comes back out it will be better and faster than ever (and he assures me quicker than Mike Riley's too!).

Amogst the prospect members of the club, Peach continues to work on getting his freshly completed 2276 into his bug, Steve Plants bug is nearing completion of the bodywork, Gary Priest is ploughing through the welding on his 1303 Euro Looker, work continues apace on Jamie Wettons 54 Bug at Reichspeed and Chris Lovatts mean standard Bug is looking like a dead cert for some strip action this year. Will be great to have you along guys.

First change to the club ET board this year...