Monday, 31 March 2008

Big Bang

25th-27th April - not long!!!

SAS Renn Wagens will be there in club camping... pop over for a beer!

More Volksworld show pics

Volksworld Show was....


Friday, 28 March 2008

Kev's 2332cc Turbo

Here it is...
Kev's 2332cc turbocharged/injected motor.
WEB 86b on 110 lobe centres
CB H Beams with ARP2000 bolts (5.5")
84mm Scat forged crank
94mm Mahle B+P's
Garrett t3/4 hybrid turbo
DTA engine management/injection.
Can't wait to see this one running!

Heres mine!

2276cc 82 x 94, Pent roof alloy case, Magnum st. cut gears, Webcam 86C, 42 x 37 044 CNC Round Ports (think these may be getting upgraded at the end of this year), carbs are weber 48IDF's and ingnition is taken care of by a Mallory HyFire IV AL & Scat/Mallory (old school) dissy. S/S exhaust system.
Trans is a Rancho pro street, stock ratios 4.125 Final drive, SAW Race axles

Motor time!

OK, first up for the open decklid treatment is Dave Wain...
82mm x 94mm (2276cc)
CB CNC heads
Webcam 226 cam
CB 1.4 rockers
10.4:1 Compression Ratio
48 IDFs
MSD ignition

John Walklett's latest project

As if one uber cool car wasn't enough, John recently acquired a US import Oval window bug which in his words 'is to be more of a racer'. Bearing in mind his current car is running 12's and the high quality of Johns work this will be one to watch!

Poe's 64 showing the rice brigade how to launch!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Gaz Thompson's VolksWorld featured 67, did run a 1776 until recently but thats made way for a full house stroker that will be hitting the strip at Big Bang 2008.

Heres my car (Jamie Palmer aka Kaferboy), its a 54 Oval with 2276cc motor.

Paul 'Poe' Beardmore's 12 second 64 - this is currently in Pauls garage in lots of pieces awaiting a new engine & box 'cos Paul's gone turbo!

Here's Dave Wains cool 66 looker. The bug sports a 2276cc stomper out back. In the background you can just see Alan 'Donge' Donlon's late 50's bug (details soon!).

John Walkletts awesome 63 Bug making a 12 second strip pass. Car runs a 2387 efi motor, built by John (as are many engines in the club!). A ride in this car convinced me I needed a quick bug, its simpy awesome and beautifully built.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Kev's Deluxe bus.

Already having built a 1776cc motor with a homebrewed turbo set up for his bus which resulted in a USB entry with a 17.0 qtr mile, but having the itch to go still faster Kev is currently building a monster DTA/Turbocharged/2332cc motor to power him
to some REALLY good times. Check out the link for the full build up description:

Hello and welcome...

Welcome to our blog, I hope you like it, we'll be getting pictures and details of club members rides and garage scene over the coming days....

Watch this space!