Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Will's new split

Long time enthusiast and member of local Stoke & Stafford club, Will 'the Bogman' was until recently the owner of one of the cleanest stock splits about.... and now he's the owner of one of the cleanest custom splits about! The RENNWAGENS are yet to talk him over to the darkside and convince him that life is better lived a quarter mile at a time, but we're working on him... It would be great to see you along at any of the local meets or down at the strip with us Will!

The 59 ex-Californian Bus is running a potent JMR 2110cc motor, discs all round and a Creative Engineering steering rack conversion amongst the more obvious modifications.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Great to see some club members and their cars featured in the VWACTION 2010 Book


The book is a product resulting from Nick Grant teaming up with Julian Robinson to bring you 80 pages featuring over 100 photos from VW Action 2010! All profits (£2 per book) from this are going to Brads Cancer Foundation.

Friday, 18 March 2011

More '64 progress

Mark Palmer is maintaining the great momentum on his '64. The set up for breaking in the cam (pictured) was successful and the IDA carb set up and speedshop header/muffler have been returned to Steve Milward's 61. Mark is now all about the TURBO and we LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Wed 16/03 club meet

Great to see so many at Wednesday's club meet, probably the best dressed people in the boozer brandishing the new 2011 Club Clobber - it must be pre season not an oil stain in sight!!!
Usual banter, bench racing, club bonding, but some people just take it a little too far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………….

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hazel's 'Trekker Wrekker' motor... now complete!

Well the car has left Nige Hull's workshop now where the engine has been built up, tinware and manifolds painted etc. and its now at Daz Chandlers worksop (Aircooled Performance in Northallerton) for final fitting up and the cage install. Looking good!

You can also just make out Daz's amazing 10 second 67 race car in the background... but do I see carbs where a turbo once lived Daz???

Work continues on the 60

Now the carb intake has been modified to suit the new header, the carb has been fitted up and the carb support fabbed from aluminium tubing. The carb will be coming back off again to be modified to run a boost sensitive power valve, which should mean tighter jetting, and a more drivable car on the road....

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Jamie Palmer's 60 Turbo bug

A little more work done, the engine is now nearing completion and should be running within the next week or so.

Monday, 7 March 2011

John Saxton's late looker

One of the nicest late lookers around right now, run by club prospect John Saxton, is this 1990 mexican bug. Running on Gas Burner wheels that attach to discs at all four corners, the car is currently apart receiving an engine transplant. Specs are:

AS41 case clearanced by scat (John had to do some additional clearancing)
CB performance 82mm crank (4340).
CB performance super race rods and ARP bolts.
Webcam 86b camshaft using straight cut gears and super vee followers.
Manton push rods.
AA 94mm pistons and barrels.
044 magnum heads with 35.5 & 40mm valves,prepared by stateside tuning.Dual valve springs.
Chromoly head/cylinder studs.
SCAT 1.4:1 ratio rockers.
CB performance oil pump.
Kennedy stage 1 clutch.
Lightened flywheel and a 3.5 pound front pulley.
Compression ratio is 9.1.
Induction will be twin 48 DRLAs.
A speedshop stainless side exit exhaust with big bore heat exchangers will be used, as, to quote John "i'm getting older and feel the cold!"
Ignition is a mix of parts that John has used to create a setup that works very well - when he bought the car it had the original factory electronic dizzy on it.John bought a 009 and used that and the electronics from the original diizzy to make a "factory" 009.
The gearbox is at present with Bears motorsport for an upgrade and will be tied in with Rhino mounts and a centre mount, along with a Torque bar to keep the rear end braced.

Congratulations to Mike & Tan Riley....

on the arrival of Todd Michael their little boy last week!

Mike is a long time Rennwagen member and builder of a number of hiugh quality Type 2's that have all had high horsepower in common...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Mark burning the midnight oil.....

Mark palmer's 64 ragtop is storming along, and here are some pics to prove it!

Mark is breaking the cam in this weekend, but is doing that on carbs (big thanks to fellow club member Steve Milward for the loan of the IDA setup), then he'll build it up with the turbo setup.

Looks sweet on either....

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

While we're in Steve's yard....

He also has this little beauty tucked away in a corner awaiting resto.... a 59 ragtop bug on original EMPI sprints.

A little like the famous Gene Berg advertisement, Steve Plant has it all!

Steve Plants 61 cal looker

Club prospect Steve Plant's rhd 61 returned from the paintshop last week following its full bare metal repaint and here are the pictures showing it in its new coat of Gulf Blue.

Its running 6 1/2 centrelines on the rear 3 1/2 on the front. Csp vented discs up front and heavy duty anti roll bar. Wings are by Day moulding and to keep that cal look cool its running a set of t-bars.

Motor wise it will be running a 2110cc stroker, with heavily ported cnc round port 044 heads by jmr, fk10 cam, msd 6al and 48 ida's.

Interior spec will include a racetrim seat, Fat biscuit door cards, Autometor gauges, berg shifter, nardi wheel and a satey devises rear cage. We can't wait to hear this one roar Steve!