Monday, 2 September 2013

CLUB VWACTION REPORT 2013..........PB after PB after PB after PB

The Rennwagens always have a ball at VWACTION, and have long made it one of our must do events of our calendar, in fact its probably our second favourite UK show to attend after the UK Cal Look Drag Day Despite the usual “real life” issues like breakages, finances, responsibilities and work keeping a number of members from getting strip action this weekend, the Club still fielded an impressive numbers of cars busting a gut out there on the 1/4. The Club scout party arrived nice and early on the Friday, and thanks to a solid club effort was able to get the Pit Marquee established nice and quickly with heat, water and cooking all sorted ready to keep members and friends warm fed and watered – well done people!! With no racing on the Friday, there was nothing left to do but sit back relax enjoy the company of friends and prepare for the Calm Before the Storm. Saturday Morning and First mention should go to Lee Appleby with his beautifully turned out 1969 1500 Karmann Ghia, Lee’s Ghia took best modified Karmann Ghia back in Bug Jam 2004 and the car has lost none of its appeal and looked magnificent out there on the track. Lee has been working hard on the car over the last 12months having swapped the 1914cc for a much more potent 2276cc combination, its also all wired ready for NOS when the time is right. With his very first pass of the day Lee ran a new pb of 14.1 slashing a whole 1.8secs of his previous best. Lee put together a string of 14.0 passes his best of the day being a 14.05 – making it the fastest Ghia in the club, A really superb effort Lee! Especially considering this was the first shakedown for the new motor, the car has some solid 13’s in there for sure and of course if it is possible get tired of that he has the laughing gas to install…………HOLY COW!!!! You can see a video of Lee running Heads up with another Ghia here

Richie Moss was hoping to shakedown his new motor at Action but a couple of last minute issues resulted in him throwing “old Faithful” back in 3 days before the show. Off the trailer straight in the fire up lane as soon as the track opened, he went through the burnout bin producing his trademark smoke storm then threw Stinkhound up the quarter for an 11.85sec PB!!! Rich then bolted in the passenger seat and took Lou on a number of 12.0second passes just for thrills and giggles, Alton Towers has nothing on Stinkhound!! Before taking another solo run and attaining a new pb of 11.83sec, on the back of a monster wheels up. That’s a 2276cc naturally aspirated = no gas! no turbo! NO PROBLEM!!. Rich and club friend Colin Jardine treated us to a great close heads up during the night racing too. Awesome work Rich, a fitting way to retire “old Faithful”, the new motor has got a lot to live up to that’s for sure. Rich now joins the VWACTION 11sec club along an elite number of racers including our very own John Walklett and Kev Donlon.You can see a video of Rich’s wheels up and pb run here

Two PB’s down next up is Neil Payne and his stunning 64 Looker. Neils had more than his fair share of success hunting trophies this year, but on Saturday he was hunting 12’s baby!! Neil has been steadily chopping away at his times and simultaneously climbing the Rennwagens ET Board arriving at VWACTION with a pb of 13.2 which he attained at Bug Jam 27. Fist pass of the day and Neil takes a new pb of 13.1, but it didn’t stop there as Neil continued to run hard all day succeeding in putting together back to back 12.8’s ON STREET RADIALS. Before driving the car home to Staffordshire, Neil parked over in the show display and picked up another trophy this time a top 10 Air-cooled award. A fitting conclusion to a great weekends work, Neil has a lot to be proud of, look out for Neil’s car in an upcoming feature in Volksworld (the photos are already in the bag) as he now takes his place in great company amongst a number of his fellow Rennwagens in the 12 second club! Well done Neil!!

3PB’s in to the day and it didn’t stop there because next we had Mike Riley debuting his very very special last of the Wolfsburg factory built, radio bus. Mike has been working hard incredibly hard to finish the bus, and having now ironed out any last minute niggles following his drive over to EBI 5 Mike was now ready to get back on the Club ET board with his 2332 EFI providing all the momentum he needs. Not one for standing on ceremony, Mike left all his camping gear inside the Bus upon waking up and headed straight over to the fire up lane, fully laden and with a soft launch due to a proven habit of snapping axles Mike attained a PB of 15.9!!!! You can see a video of the run here Mike lined up again and this time allowing his lead foot do the talking resulting in a snapped half shaft, however Mike’s timing is always impeccable and the breakage occurred just as the track was closing for lunch. Fast buses carry spares and so with a little helped from club members mike had the shaft swapped over within the hour ready to drive back to Staffordshire later that evening. We don’t usually do “a man of the match” because the club is far greater than the sum of its parts, but on this occasion I think it’s fair to say Mike was a real star. First up he rocks an incredibly special and potent bus which looks spot on, he was fantastic company all weekend always smiling, he fed every member who asked as well as our Scottish pit buddies jacket potatoes cooked on his DIY stove, he snapped an axle and just laughed and get on with it and finished the weekend looking to set up a club camping evening in the next couple weeks. Well Done Mike and welcome back to the ET Board buddy!!!!

One of the Clubs most consistent club participants John Walklett and his inimitable 63 Ragtop was out there again representing for the club, because John and the car has such a pedigree it’s easy to forget just how quick his full weight street car is. As an aside, John had been preparing for VWAction earlier in the week by hunting motorbikes on the streets of Staffordshire. John participated in a great inter club heads up with Neil, a disply of two awesome lookers running 12’s and due to John bogging on the line it was a great chase to the line with John taking the win with a 12.4 over Neil’s 12.8 – can’t help thinking John lined up next to Neil was the motivation needed for Neil to bag that first 12sec pass. John kept the inter club passes coming and lined up again this time with Lee Appleby in his ghia to give the crowd another cool Rennwagen power display. Unfortunately John’s night racing was cut short with a loud bang mid track forcing John to shut down and coast through. Not to waste anytime John has already pulled the motor and Early diagnosis is a broken Cam. Sorry John!

Final mention goes to Bill Bailey who on his first pass in his Karmann Cabriolet ran a club qualifying time of 15.9

A big thank you to all those who helped put up the Pit Garage, pushed cars, shared food, drink and giggles. Steve Milward and Chris Lovatt for Spotting duties, The Locker Brothers, Paulie B, Rich Batti and all members & partners and friends of the club who helped make it another great weekend for the Club. Finally a shout out to our Scottish buddies who brought down some serious power; Colin , Donald , Jerry and co.

Here’s Some misc pics…………..

Photos courtesy of Darren Jones, Steve Milward, wil7496, Goaferboy,