Friday, 16 September 2011

Mr. Rennwagen 2011

Look at them pearly whites....

photo courtesy of Matt 'Le Pap' Webb

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monday, 12 September 2011

More VW Action pics

Photo credits to Darren W

Friday, 9 September 2011


Welcome to the club John! Here is the man himself modelling some Rennwagens merchandise....

VW Action... IN the Rennwagen pits...

from left to right... prospect Gaz Priest standing behind Mark Palmers bug, Johnny Walklett's 63 Rag (and you can just see John Parton's Oval Bug behind it), Steve Milwards bug (Steve is behind the car supping on a fresh coffee), Dave Wain's 66 and Johnny Walklett's other car, his 14 sec. Ghia. Behind the Ghia is Johnny trying to get out of shot I think.
Supervisor Archie Lovatt in the crocs and stripey cardigan, Mark Palmer and Gaz Priest working on Marks bug, John Saxton's late looker, Richie's 'Lil Stink Hound' with Steve Milward apparently molesting it in the background, John Parton fettling his carbs and Johnny's bug.
Chris 'the Chef' Lovatt, Phil Wain and again Mark and Gaz.... guess who the media whores are!!!!

VW Action

VW Action has long been a definite fixture on the Rennwagen show calendar thanks to its laid back vibe and the collection of quick cars from all over Europe in attendance, so we were sure not to miss out this year!

Representing the Rennwagens on the track were John Parton, Johnny Walklett, Mark Palmer, Dave Wain, Steve Milward and Richie Moss.

A huge effort was involved getting John, Johnny's and Mark's cars to the event as just a matter of days before the event various cars were missing either their powerplants or their gearboxes. John enlisted the help of Kraftwerk VW service to get him up and running, while Mark had the help of Richie and Chris to get his car up and running. Meanwhile Johnny 'popped the box in' while he was waiting for a kettle to boil.... some people just make it look to easy!

Needless to say, as anyone who runs a car with any regularity at the strip knows, the effort that getting even a running & ready car to the strip is huge, so even those who were ready well in advance had their work cut out for them.

Also in attendance and racing were club prospects John Saxton and Chris Lovatt. John has been running his freshly built 2276 in for a while now and felt it was time to hit the strip to see what it could do. Chris meanwhile has worked long and hard on his car over a period of years with a lot of help from his friends, in particular Richie Moss, and is a ground up race car build in the spirit of the 70's... a flyweight car with a small cc motor.

In addition to those out on the track there were a large number of club members and prospects present with no car, there to show their support for those out on the track.

In the end racing in the RWYB sessions was a little disappointing due to a strong headwind, lack of traction on the track and over subscription, with the fire up lane jam packed all day. While there were no pb's for existing members we were delighted to see John 'Sure Thing' Saxton earn his wings with an easy 15.2 pass @ 88 mph. We look forward to seeing this car back out next year in better conditions. Chris meanwhile recording a 17.5 second pass, very respectable for a lil' 1679 on stock heads with a set of twin 40's on there. It should also be mentioned that this was Chris' first and last drive of the day due to a minor breakage when his clutch arm snapped. Well done Chris, look forward to seeing what you get out of that little stomper next year and welcoming you into the ranks of the full members. It would be about time, as Chris is one of the individuals who stepped up to form the club a number of years ago and even when he's not had his car running his enthusiasm has often pushed others within the club on to some great achievements.

Also new to Hot VW's is Richie Moss' girlfriend Lou, who voluntarily got into the passenger seat of Richie's car for a scorching 12.8 pass (not bad two up!). She made it out with minor bruising.... rather you than me Louise.....

The night racing has been an excellent feature of recent VW Action's, and while again there were no pb's to be had Richie Moss nearly equalled his previous pb of 12.3 with a 12.4.

Speaking of Richie Moss - anyone there will have no doubt noticed Richie's car has acquired a name and is looking more and more like it's come from a different racing era.... Please Welcome 'Lil Stink Hound'! Looks excellent Rich.

VW Action