Sunday, 30 May 2010

Potteries Custom and Classic Vehicle Show 2010

The Renn-Wagens will be on display at Manzo's show 27th June 2010.
Come and say hello.
Charity Auction in aid of Donna Louise Trust

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Drag Day 2010.

The UK Cal-Look Drag Day is organised be Renn wagen Jamie Palmer and Peter Roberts (Funkenblitz & JG54). This years event was held at Santa Pod on the weekend of 22nd/23rd May 2010.

This event is intended to be for the quickest aircooled car’s in the country . No sheds, no stockers, no queuing among a load of buses, this is for 15.99 second and quicker bugs, KG’s & Type 3’s and is the perfect opportunity to test and tune your car along with other aircooled gear heads. The benefit of running it on the Peak Performance day (Sunday) is there is a limit of 100 cars that run on the strip, plus it’s a FULLY prepped track to actual Race standards, so you get a good number of runs in on a very well prepped, sticky track - unlike the average RWYB event.

What a weekend!

I'd first of all like to thank all those that attended, both on the strip and the many that came along to show support for their buddies racing or just take in the closest thing to a weekend at a californian drag strip you're likely to get over here in the UK. The variety of cars on display ranged from the excellent cal lookers from the JG54 stable, to the hardcore racers of the DKR along with one or two quick cars from another club (err.... THE RENNWAGENS!!!) that meant an excellent field of real street cars from the UK.

There was some amazing close racing between Andy Searle of the DKR and Renn Wagen John Walklett vying for number 1 spot on the day. In the end it was Andy who won out, taking club honours home for the DKR guys. He beat John by 6 thousandths (thats right, thousandths!) of a second with a 12.152 over a 12.158. Unfortunately Johns last run (the 12.158) was completed on 3 cylinders, with an accompanying BANG over the finishline. Initial investigation points to a torched head - hope the damage is limited to this John, fingers crossed.

Back on the highs, fellow Rennwagen club member Richie Moss has been knocking tenths off his times each time out this year, with the aim of running a 12 on his street radials before he moves onto stickier rubber. Well he finally managed it yesterday, sneaking in with a 12.9, before changing to slicks and getting a 12.8, his new pb.

For Jamie Palmer the opportunity to get back on the strip in a car even though his own is still in pieces was fantastic - thanks to Steve Milward for the loan of his pampas Green 61 cal looker, Jamie says he's sorry he knocked a second off your pb Steve. For sure Steve will be in the thirteens in it next time out. Thanks also to Jamie's brothers Lee & Mark for towing the car down to the Pod as well and there help over the past couple of weeks getting stuff together for the weekend.

Again, thanks to everyone for showing up, we all know the effort involved in just getting to the track, I hope you had a good time.

All Types.

It's time to cross the border into Wales for the All Types show at Bodelwyddan Castle. The sun was shining and some club members cruised down on the saturday. The evening consisted of beer and dancing, a good time had by all. The sunday was also very hot. Rich's Ghia, Lisa's bus and Hazel's bug were also entered into the show and shine.

Sunday Cruise.

Well the sun's out and it's time for some street action. Several full members and prospects gathered at the Red Bull pub (well Steve Milward didn't as he blasted past at speed, ever the racer) for a few lemonades and then headed off in convoy. En route John Walklett snapped a fan belt, luckily someone had a spare. The cruise led to the club meeting pub, The Wolston where we all sat down for some food and banter. Was awesome for all to see papa Wain's new Porsche 912 for the first time, and let it be said what a beautiful car.

The story of the clutch.

Time for a Renn Wagen pit stop. This only took an hour.

Steve "What do you mean undo the wing bolts first????"

Jamie "I'll just warm me continental breakfast here for a min"

The key to an effective pitstop is concentration. For all your VW work contact Lee Palmer at Kraftwerk- a true professional.

That's the engine out, now to the difficult bit- how to get Dipple's hand out of his pocket.

Kev "What are you looking at?"

Jamie "Right that's the hard work done, where's my reward Dipple?" A mouth's a mouth.

Much deliberation between members " Is there no merit in saving this for second best?"

What we need is someone sensible to test the new clutch.

Job done.

Dub Freeze.

The first event of the season proved to be difficult for the club due to the snow. As anyone who drives a hot bug will know they are difficult to drive in the rain never mind snow. A few of the members made the difficult trip never the less. Rich made the trip in his recently finished 60 Karmann Ghia Coupe. Lisa "The Shmoo" donlon drove her 2276 powered 69 bay and Renn Wagen friend Hazel "betsy" Thomas also made the trip. Lee and Mark Palmer made the trip in there vans. Several other club members and club prospects came to the show, if only to buy parts etc. A good day was had by all.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The renn wagens at Big Bang.

Rich was out for the 4th time this year in his 2332 powered 65 and turned in some very respectful times of 13.3 during fridays racing prior to tearing up his clutch at the start line on the third run. Help was at hand in the form of Jamie (Kaferboy) and a replacement clutch plate was couriered down in person to the event and replaced in situ within an hour for the cruise home. Rich is currently in pole position for club's "most raced" at the end of the year.

Lisa (the shmoo) took her 69 deluxe early bay for her first run of the season and congratulations!!! a new PB of 16.5. Lisa drove hard all weekend and cruised home (with a little sleep in the services). Those John Walklett built engines always do the biz.

Following the damage to Steve Turnball's 2028cc motor at VW action 09. His 69 bay was out for some shakedown runs. Although no improvement on his PB of 16.8 on this occasion, steve drove ferociously all weekend before heading home "street and strip" style. If steves cool looking bay doesn't demand enought glances already, the baby seat and doll in the passenger seat raised more than a few eyebrows from spectators in the stands as they tore down the strip.

Friend of the renn wagen's and driver of the 61 ragtop "wrong un" (named due to a scooby conversion) Hazel towed her caravan down to the pod and unhitched it transforming it into the renn wagen's canteen for the weekend (oatcakes all round) then turned in some great times on the strip. Great job Hazel.

Not all good news......Steve Milward out in his recently upgraded 61 had to abort his trip halfway down to Santa Pod due to a suspicious oil leak. Steve will no doubt be out to fight another day soon enough. Although Steve did make the trip down to watch and support thanks to prospect Mark Palmer and his Renn Wagen pit vehicle T4. Oh and Mable also made the trip, naughty girl.

John Walklett (63 ragtop) and Nessa Walklett were also forced to miss Big Bang due to the volcanic ash cloud leaving him stranded in Lanzarote. Even the copious amounts of sun and stella couldn't compensate for the lost opportunity to compete for the show and go trophy, something John wins on a regular basis. Look out for John later in the season where he will be hoping to beat his awesome 11.6 ET.

Big Bang as always proved to be a very enjoyable weekend for the club, a chance to meet up with friends, share a beer (and one very large bottle of whisky) or several and tear the strip up.

Mini's vs Beetles

Rich drove the round trip (with renn wagen friend Hazel) to York Raceway to compete with the mini's on easter weekend. Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind to the event and periods of rain limited the amount of racing. Due to the first event of the year the track was a bit more trying than usual but the beetles came out on top winning the event 10 wins to 4.
Always great to race alongside the guys from ACE.

The main highlight of the day for Rich was spinning his 65 bug in 2nd gear across the track and closely mising the barrier, resulting in facing the wrong direction.

Check out the in car video.