Thursday, 24 June 2010

For old times sake....

And because he was taking the piss last night.... I give you...


Rennwagen fun in the sun... 23rd June Club Meet

What better way to enjoy the evening sun than in a Hot VW....

A great attendance with some great cars, with notable new faces on the block in the form of a few prospects, John in his late looker 1990 Bug, Lee in his immaculate Karmann Ghia and Fast Eddie (Dave) in his mental Single Cab Split.

It was also nice to see along the black looker (ex-James Clay cal looker from the early 90's), and loyal club advocate Phil in his slammed two tone bug - the first Bug Phil has had on the road in a decade.

Regular street warriors Richie Moss and Steve Milward are vying for most driven club car of the year, both showing what Hot VW's are for - being driven! And judging by the burnouts, being driven hard at that.....

note to Rennwagens & friends... Bug Jam club camping tickets are being booked on Friday 2nd July and all tickets paid for by then. If you want one, mail

Also, this weekend (Sunday 27th June) is Manzo's Potteries Custom & Classic car show, and we are displaying there as a club. If you can bring along your car to the display to support the club, the organiser, and the extremely worthwhile charity it supports - the Donna Louise Trust - please make the effort - we will be meeting in the Burger King car park in Hanley, Century Retail park, ST1 5QQ at 9am on Sunday, before heading up to get a spot. We won't be hanging around at Burger King, as we need to be up to get a good spot (first come first served) as early as possible!

Monday, 14 June 2010


Roll call for those building their own RENNWAGEN, or those who are working hard towards full membership, we can't wait to welcome you along guys, the sooner the better! Keep at it, a great many of you are SO close to full membership after a lot of hard work:


Remember that we are all here to support each other, if you are struggling with an aspect of your build don't keep quiet looking at a pile of parts...

As 'Reg' would say.... 'Solidarity, brothers!'.

Friday, 11 June 2010


Most are non movers apart from two new EXCELLENT pb's which both repesent milestones on the board:
Lisa 'The Shmoo' Donlon powered her Deluxe camper to being the quickest on the board in the Type 2 field having knocked a full 3 tenths off her previous pb earlier in the season down from 16.8 to 16.5.

Rich Moss stormed into the 12's with a 12.8 - currently the quickest naturally aspirated car on the board. Rich ran the 12.8 on slicks, but managed to dip into the 12's on his street tyres - a long held ambition for him and a huge acheivement for any car, let alone a street driven one at that.

Other noteworthy ET related mentionables, but unfortunately not qualifying for the offical ET board one way or another are:

Steve Milwards 61 cal looker running a 14.0 - unfortunately Steve was on baby duties with his newborn Son Eben when the racing was taking place, so driver duties were grudginly (not!) taken on by Jamie Palmer who stepped into the breach. Steve's previous 15.2 was run while the car was far from complete, and Jamie's 14.0 pass will likely translate to a mid 13 in the hands of someone unafraid of wringing the cars neck.

Hazel Thomas has turned in some immense racing this year, culminating in a pb of 14.71 so far in her Subaru powered 61 ragtop bug. Unfortunately for the Rennwagens Hazel will be working away for some time in the USA. We wish you all the best for your trip Hazel, but don't get TOO used to the sunshine!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

From the Archives

As we are in June, seems apt to delve into June 2008 archives

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

John's 56 Cal looker update

John's 56 is really taking shape. John's plans for the car are rooted in the tradition of Cal-looker Renn-Kafer Cup.

Imagine.......A car of this quality and hunting 11secs on the 1/4 mile!!!!!

The pictures below are of the car recently returned from VWJava, and really do not do justice to the truly show quality paint work. The colour? - Strato Silver as per the car's birth certificate.