Monday, 12 March 2012

Rennwagens @ FreddieFiles, "Cal-look edition", Ninove 2012.

The 9th-10th of March saw the annual Friddie Files event held in the sleepy town of Ninove, Belgium.
This years event saw the celebration of 15 years of the event.With that in mind the organisers decided that it would have a "Cal-look" theme, the perfect show for prospect member James "Peachey" Cornes to check out.
With a 3am start from Stoke-on-Trent and a 700 miles round trip ahead of him, he decided his 1966 Cal-look bug wouldn't be needed, but called-upon the trusty daily to take on this arduous journey.
By 9:30am he was in France joining the "Type2 Detectives Cruise" to Ninove, meeting up with fellow prospect/current Rennwagen members, Matt Lawton, Gaz Lawton, Mike Riley and unforunatly for Rich Battison, in his 1960 type 2 pannel van, suffered a engine fire just a 100yds away from the train, thankfully Mike Riley was on hand to put out the fire.
Once on the road the cruise wound its way through northern France and down into Belgium, where the cruise ended at the Witkap Vintage Beer Brewery. Here a complimentary beer and a few more were enjoyed by the cruisers.
That night saw the lads meet up with fellow Cal-look club, JG54 members James Dore, Andy Roberts, Alex Thorn and Heydon Mizon, to see Volksworld editor and JG54 member Ivan McCutcheon Dj at Roxy's Club in town.

Sunday saw a early start with the 1st 150 cars taking home a limited run FreddieFlies, "Cal-look edition" tee shirt. The day saw the number of cars attending the show rise to around the 800 mark!

If your thinking of attending some of the European shows next year then this is definitely one to put in your diary!

Thanks to Freddie and Kobus and all the team that organised the event, hopefully next year the Rennwagens will be there in force.

Peach's Daily taking delivery of Airmightys Prizes for the UK Cal-look Drag Day, Check out for more info!

Rennwagens @ FreddieFiles, "Cal-look edition", Ninove 2012, Pics!