Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mark Palmer's 64 Turbo bug

Received the Jan 2012 issue of Volksworld Magazine this morning, flicked through to the "Tech Focus" article on Turbocharging, and lo and behold - a very cool pic of Mark's ride.
Check it out........

Pic courtesy of Julian Hunt

Friday, 18 November 2011

"Gazifications" begin on his 65 looker

In October we reported on Gaz's new purchase and promised a few update pictures just as soon as he had the opportunity to apply a little polish.

Well of late Gaz has been spending a little time trying to improve the finish and i think you have to agree, he's doing an awesome job. Here are some sneaky pics.......

The underside is now clean enough to eat yer dinner off

after cleaning and polishing the lexan rear window it looks like glass.

Great work Gaz!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Friday, 11 November 2011


Well, with the race season done bar the shouting we've finally found time to update the club ET board, and its a good opportunity to take a look at the season as a whole. There's been a good few changes over this past 12 months, with some folks running more often (and harder!) than others, and some cars not managing to get out at all.

The biggest changes come in the mid field of the ET board, where there has been a sustained assault on the quicker spots previously held by those amongst us who have been using turbochargers or nitrous by those running nothing but plain old carburettors. Richie Moss, Steve Milward and John Parton have all worked hard to get to their new positions, with two of those guys now quicker than a couple of us who run turbo's - well done Rich & Steve! John has seen a good improvement in his times in his Oval after a season blighted with niggling issues with his car. Once its fully settled down we look forward to seeing him getting into the 13's and beyond....

Other great news on the ET board from last year are our two new additions, John Saxton and Rich 'Batty' Battison. Both John and Batty have been plugging away working towards club membership for a while now, with John building a new motor and Batty running his Split at every available opportunity looking for the numbers. In the end Batty's improvement came from a simple change of tyre, shaving 7/10's off his previous best time - emphasising the importance of decent tyres out on the strip. In John's case not only did he get a club qualifying time, but then he went out and beat it before we had chance to get him on the ET board with his original time! Nice work guys....

Also, this is a good point to mention this seasons casualties, as there have been a couple, Mark Palmer in particular running the gauntlet of failures managing to incur serious damage to his motor on not one but two occasions. Hats off to you Mark.... also Jamie Palmer managed to blow his motor at a static VW event of all things!

Apart from the movers & shakers on the board there were the regular team of guys on the board who were out running their cars all season flying the flag for the Rennwagens, as well as a host of ever enthusiastic club prospects and advocates, in particular Chris Lovatt who worked incredibly hard to get his lightweight 'Grey Matter' mouse motor'd bug out - although Chris hasn't yet got his Rennwagen Wings with a club time, he has paved the way for it next season with the work on his car completed thus far.

Special thanks to you all, you've made this one of the best seasons ever!