Friday, 10 September 2010

Club Prospect Gaz Thompson's new ride

You may remember Gary and his old ride, an awesome 67 Bug - he is a former full member of the club who had to sell his car on (it now resides in the hands of another club prospect, Matt Webb, who we need to talk into getting the 67 onto the strip!). While he may have lost his 67, he never lost his enthusiasm and his input and attendance at many club meets was always welcome. The GREAT news is he's just become the proud owner of this fine late looker.

It was built many moons ago stateside, and was imported into the UK in the early 90's. It sports many interesting features, not least of all the 2110cc flat four hanging out back! Gaz is hoping to get out to the strip as soon as possible with the car, although UK weather being what it is time is running out for an opportunity to run a club qualifying time this season. Fingers crossed he makes it, if not there's next season!

If you know Gary, you'll also know what a clean freak he is, and he's already started prepping the car to his high standards. I'm sure you'll agree from the last two shots that this is a fine looking cal looker.


Another new member, another new board!

We'd like to give a warm welcome to Lee Appleby, and his beautiful 1914cc RHD 1970 Karmann Ghia, to the club, Lee's pb is 15.9 seconds, and is currently building a NOS injected 2276 ready to hit the strip again next season!


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Action 2010 Pic's courtesy of Julian Robinson

Rich lighting em up.............
Steve Launching hard on his way to a new PB.............

Lisa doing her thing..............
John "wheels up" Walklett.............

Monday, 6 September 2010


Well as you can see we have a newcomer to the board, Paul Dipple who has slipped right in at number 8, having run an excellent 14.3 with his 2387cc 1966 Fastback. Paul isn't resting idle now he's on the board though, and has made big changes already - he's sold the fastback and has started to install the setup in his Notchback, which, equipped with a Type 1 linkpin front end should be lighter than the fastback and see him deeper into the board next season. Congratulations Paul!

Another addition to the board, although not a new member, is John Walklett, with his 'other' car, a show standard 1965 Right Hand Drive original UK Type 1 Karmann Ghia. The car runs a 2185cc Type 1 motor, based around a high quality Scat 78mm crank. Johns gone back to carbs on this one, and has posted a very impressive 14.5 second ET - amazing when you bear in mind how heavy these ghia's are in comparison to a bug. Two places on the same board? Some might say that's greed, I think everyone at the RENNWAGENS would agree its DEDICATION.

A number of personal bests of RENNWAGEN members were posted at VW Action, with an incredibly impressive 12.6 ET from Richie Moss in his high mileage ;) 65 bug. This is on carbs, no nitrous, no turbo in a car that is used in all weathers and driven hard for many many miles, usually to the track and back.

Steve Milward thrashed his previous pb, ran at DDII a few weeks back of 14.5 with a 14.2 - a full second off last years time! Unfortunately Steve's weekend didn't end on a high note, with some gearbox issues putting paid to him hitting his 'Thirteen'. Steve's put a huge amount of effort into this car, transforming it from a restocal car into the street warrior it is now, and his 14.2 is a worthy result for the blood sweat and tears that the resto Cal Gods (who he's clearly offended!) have demanded from him...

John Parton had an uphill struggle getting his car to (and from!) VW Action, with an oil cooler failure the week before the show leading to a full strip down to check for damage. Still, his efforts were rewarded with a pb, knocking 4 tenths off his previous best with a sweet 14.4 pass.

Other notable timse from the weekend were first of all John 'Sako' who ran a 17.7 in his mexi-cal look bug. The car runs a 1600cc motor, with a 110 cam and a set of twin 40IDF webers. John's building a 2110 for next years fun and games, and if he can wring a 17 out of a more or less stock 1600 I'm sure we'll be seeing him climb the board pretty quickly!

Also Lee Appleby in his Beautiful metallic grey Karmann Ghia, who has previously run a 15.9 in his Ghia, was back on the track after a few years hiatus, and ran a 16.2 - this was with his current 1914, a JMR built motor that has served him well for a number of years. Over the winter however Lee will be building up the pile of parts he has collected into a 2276 stomper, so we're sure to have not one, but TWO Karmann Ghia's on the board before long. Well done Lee!!

One final thing, I know a number of Rennwagen members were helped enormously by the club prospects who turned up to help shove cars around the pits, tow cars to/from the track, the odd bit of spanner work and spot in the burnout box etc. - an excellent display of team spirit! NICE WORK GUYS.

Not long left of the season now.... anyone up for a spot of RWYB'ing?