Sunday, 30 January 2011

Progress at Mark's place

Mark Palmer has been continuing to get to g4eips with his 2276 turbo'd but in readiness for its debut at the Uk Cal Look Drag Day.... now installed is the dash, and the brakes & line loc arenearly finished.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Its getting close to race time... soa quick reminder of where we are at the start of the year.... hmmmm... who's going to be where by the end of the season????

Richie Moss...wrinklin' them slicks!

If there's one thing that Richie isn't afraid of, its planting his right foot, as these photos demonstrate.... one of the greatest things about Richie's car is it wears its heart on its sleeve, you can see the hours Rich has spent working on this car, not because of reflections from a polishing cloth, but from the oily finger marks of someone obsessed with one thing only.... beating the guy in the other lane.

1960 Pro Street Bug

Not much happened recently, just given it a good clean! Turbo header should be here in a couple of weeks, so plenty to do in readiness for that.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Club meet

Wednesday 26th January at the Wulstan pub from 8pm.... all welcome.

Yes its tomorrow night!


Monday, 24 January 2011

John 'Sako's" Mexi looker

Here is Club Prospect Sako's 1990 Mexican looker as it stood last summer,at the time it had a mild "homebuilt" 1600. With a a trusty Engle 110,some mild head porting and twin Weber 40 IDFs, he managed a very respectable 17.7 pass at the pod at VW action last year

That engine has now gone to make way for a 2276 lump, that John plans to build himself
Without giving away too many secrets the basic spec is.....A new AS41 case,webcam 86B,1.4:1 ratio rockers, CB Super Race Rods, magnum heads and a pair of Dellorto 48 DRLAs.
ITS GONNA RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James 'Peach' Cornes

This was as close as I could get to his garage before he released the hounds.....

Good news is that he is getting down to it now, his engine is back in and he needs to plumbb it in and then he's ready to head down to the MOT station and get some closure on this project! not far now Peach keep at it.

The revamp continues....

Steve's getting ready for some carpet in the newly modified rear area of the interior of the car....

Monday, 17 January 2011

Chris Lo update

Called round to Club Prospect Chris's place on the weekend to find him cracking on with the standard and making great progress
Here's a few spy shots of some fine work:

The Eagle has landed!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Palmer bought this last week from Steve (VZI username turbo-hippy) who has done some stirling work on it - if you want to see more details of the build have a look at his thread here...

What Jamie has wisely purchased is exactly as Steve described.....a good solid '60 bug that has had a lot of work done to get it race ready. Call it fate but the main pull for Jamie purchasing the car is that they are 'friends of old' as its one of the very first bugs that he did any large amount of work on - it was then owned by a friend locally from Rugeley, Jamie and his bro Lee repainted it Red. fitted a 1914cc motor to it and a few other bits and bobs.
BUT the other big reason is that the car has been back-halved, with a rear cage and ladder bar conversion - this gets rid of the torsion bars and spring plates, and uses coil overs and ladder bars in their place. It all adds up to a better launch,
which is good, because LAUNCH IT HE SHALL!!!!!!!!

Here is a pic of the car safely parked up in its new home

Jamie's plans for the car are quite straightforward for the time being, he'll be putting in the 2276 draw through turbo that he was running his club iconic 54 Oval - although the engine is earmarked for some mods to try and get the turbo up above the gearbox instead of hanging out the back as it does now - main reason for this is Jamie intends to fit a decklid and run on the street.

Look out for changes in the wheel & tyre dept too when funds have recovered from the purchase of the bug. Other plans are firmly around weightsaving so he'll be looking to gradually change body panels for race weight 'glass, a change to Lexan in the windows and a few other changes here and there.

Hopefully with this chassis set up and a little less weight, and a lot more fine tuning of the engine Jamie is gunning for some solid 11 second passes with the car (exceeding his pb of 12.5 in the54). The club couldnt be any more made up for him

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hazel Thomas' Trekker

Hazel's car is currently in the workshops of 'Dirty' Nige Hull, being massaged in readiness for the motor which is currently being built up by John Walklett.... Should be a ripper!

Some great news!

Kev Donlon, current #1 ET placed Rennwagen member has had a rethink about his plans to sell his bug and build a ghia to replace it... the ghia has now gone, and the dust has been blown off what remains of the Bug following Kev parting out much of the car.

Some may remember Kev had a rather large falling out with the car after he managed to completely disassemble the engine in 6 seconds with the use of no tools other than his right foot and a lean condition.

Kev will be running a N.A. 2276 this season, before going the whole hog again for next year with another turbo efi install.

Glad to hear you're back 'in the zone' Kev, and look forward to seeing you back out this year!

Chris Lo's standard 60....

Chris is forging ahead with work on the car and making some real progress.....

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Gaz Priests German Looker...

Gaz has been hitting the garage hard too, trying to wrap up the welding on his 1303.... glad to say he's getting close now.

Gaz also deserves mucho respect for being the only one hardy enough to turn up to this months 'Breakfast club' in an aircooled VW.... his uncles Bay Window. Hope the frost bite was not too serious Gaz!

More work on Steve's Bug

As promised, here's an update on the work taking place to install a cage into Steve's car, and tie it into the frame horns.... its coming together nicely!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Steve Milwards Grumpy Bug update

A few mods are currently being carried out to Steve Milwards 61 bug, with the aim of making the car a bit more user and track friendly - a problem anytime any of us have stepped near the car with a spanner has been skinned knuckles and the realisation that to carry out any service work on the engine requires an additional six knuckles per finger, or lady like dainty hands and fingers such as are possessed by our very own Peach (although the only tool he gets his hands near is..... well I'll let you guess the rest).

So he and Rich (I suspect it will have been Rich while Steve gritted his teeth and kept his eyes closed) broke out the grinder, and took off the valance and two sections of inner wing. A couple of the excellent quality Hooky's HiPacs have gone and and some careful cutting with the grinder see's an almost invisible removable valance.

Work has also commenced on fitting a cage complete with frame horn braces, so look out for more updates here soon......

Monday, 3 January 2011

A visit to Richie Moss' Driveway

A few invaders to his drive space.... Jamie Palmers 73 2276cc turbo bug, Steve Milwards 2165cc IDA equipped cal looker and a surprise visit from Matt Webb in his 67 2276cc cal looker, along with Richies Single Cab project in the garage made for an eyeful for locals... shame his 12 sec 65 bug and 1776 Ghia Coupe were not on hand as well!